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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Under Siege

This fortress
Was crafted
Long ago,
Walls raised
High and strong
To hold back
Advancing armies.
They withstood
The assault,
Standing true
And shielding
What lay
And when peace
Once again
They still remained,
A quiet monument
To the blood
And tears
That once soaked
This pale earth.
No one could
Penetrate this
Stoic divide.
Word spread
Like hungered
Of its
Until the warriors
No longer came
To wage campaigns
They could not win.
And though alone,
The walls remained,
Fortified with
Ice and scarred
By the licking

Why is it,
Knight, that
You have come?
You cannot enter.
The gate is locked
And the key
Is lost in time.
The walls will not
Fall and reveal
Their prize.
You may only
Stand below
And speak with
The Sphinx
And try to solve
Her tattered riddles.
None bother
For they cannot
Hear her speak.
You must listen
For her voice
Is weak
And weary.

Knight, why do you
Not ride away?
Why do you
Draw closer
Until your breath
Falls on the
Ancient stone
Like the whispering
Of angels?
How can your eyes
See beyond
The vestiges?
What gift have you
Been bequeathed with?
Where does your
Courage spring from?
Do not test
These battlements
For they are old
And decaying.
They tremble
With fear that
They might be

Good Knight,
Pandora's jeweled box
Resides within
And must remain
If the walls
Are to survive,
For once it
Is released
It cannot be
Closed again.
Perhaps you will
Not like
What you find
Lurking in the
Velvet case.

Sweet Knight,
Do not press
For the words
That should remain
Behind clenched teeth,
For they are
Meaningless and
When spoken,
Secular words unworthy
Of such a sacred
Let your inner
Reveal to you
The truth
Behind veiled words.
And let these
Wavering walls
For once they
Fall for you,
Dear Knight,
The cannot be

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