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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Return to Silence

Be still Heart, and listen
For the whisperings
Of Angels are but sighs
On the wind
And the breath of God lingers
In the perfumed air.
Reach out and touch the essence
Of life and peace.
It is yours to take.
Be still, and hear.

Be free Mind, and release
The pains that burrow into
The depths,
The worries, and sorrows
Unspoken and harbored in fear.
Emerge from the shadow that
Darkens your thoughts.
Turn to what lies waiting amid
The golden rays of Truth.
Be free, and rejoice.

Linger no more on the What-was
Or What-Could-Be
For those lands are empty
Of hope
And littered with the remnants
Of lives forgotten.
All that is certain
Is What-Is.
The path you tread has been
Cleared for your weary feet.
Step forward in courage.

Rest from your toils amid
The sighing of golden harps
On distant shores.
Lay down the burdens that
Have bent your back
And extinguished your most sacred flame.
Be faithful that the arms
Of Forever hold you,
And sleep.

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