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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Broken Poetry

I stand in a
Barren wasteland
Of broken poetry
And pretty words
Trying in vain
To craft the lines
That would tell you
All I want to say
In a language only
You would understand
That would whisper
Only to you
Till you could feel
My very breath
Whispering the sweet
Words in to your ear
Intertwining moonbeams
And the shimmering light
Of a dark sun

But I cannot find
The words I seek

They have escaped me
Those words that would
Shatter hearts and
Redefine sacred passions
Words that would
Become new classics
In the language of
The heart and desire
Words to quicken the pulse
And flood the mind

Where they are
I do not know

I searched for them
But alas
They are missing
Their forms
Come not in to my mind
And I am left
A poet speechless
In the brilliance
Of your light

I will keep searching
I will find them

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