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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Imprisoned Sun

I desire
Nothing more
Than to
Lock you away
Behind gilded
And plunge
The world into
Icy darkness
Hiding your
From all eyes
But my own
Leaving the
Others to
Suffer and die
In the cold
Endless night
They are not
Their words
Are idle
Mine are true
I alone
Will soak
In your warmth
It is mine
I will not
With the
Cursed fools
Who claim you
Let them live
Blind and searching
In a world
Without your light
Their eyes are
Not worthy
Of your divine
I will listen
To their laments
Thankful that
No other voice
Will come to
Your ears
But mine
I only wish
To keep you
For myself
I cannot
Share you
Any longer
My heart aches
At their ignorance
And audacity
Until my breath
Is labored and
My mind
And sanity is
But a memory
Drowned in Lethe
You will be
Mine alone
In this cage
Of gold

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