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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Righteous Fury

Were I to hit
My head
Upon this wall,
Would it be enough
To rid me of
The abhorrent images
You've carved in to
My collapsing mind?
Would it erase
The thoughts
That chill my
Very blood
And turn my mind
To torment and murder?
Would it be enough?

Were you wise
You would flee,
Cast yourself from
Some high place
And pray,
If any ear will listen,
That spilling your life
At my feet
Would be enough
To rid your soul
Of the cancer you
Created yourself,
Foolishly believing
I would never know
The nefarious deed
That makes you
Dead to me.

Did you believe
For even the briefest
Of moments
That you would not
Awaken my
Just vengeance?
Did you think
I would close
My eyes and ears
To the damage
You left behind?

No, I will seek you out
Like the mists
Of plague
I shall find you
And you will beg
For mercy and
Before your end.
Beg until your lips
Crack and your
Forked tongue swells
And bleeds.
The only answer
You shall find are
My cold fingers about
Your throat
Silencing forever
Your revolting voice
That proclaims
Only lies that
Push me deeper
Into shadow
And madness.

How dare you touch
What is not yours!
How dare you defile
The sacred work
Of gods!
I shall be a
Vengeful angel
Before your eyes
Swift and terrible
Releasing your flesh
From the diseased
Soul that cowers inside.

While you still
Hold breath,
In these last moments
Of your wretched existence,
Pray that this wall
Is strong enough
To erase you
From my mind.

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