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Saturday, June 26, 2010


From the hidden depths
Of Eternity's Forever
I hear you,
Your quiet voice
Like distant thunder
Rolling across my mind
Painting memories
Of forgotten lifetimes
Behind my closed eyes,
The deaths
And resurrections
That have bound
Your flame
To mine.

I feel the warmth
Of a fire that rain
Cannot quench,
A sacred circle,
A last defense,
And a people silenced
By the blade
Of holy warriors
Sent by a golden god
In a land we'd
Never seen,
Blood and flesh
Melting in to the
Mist covered earth
But two souls
That could not die.

I feel the chill
Of a Winter's night
In a time of darkness
When magick slept
And love was forbidden
For two hearts
Chained together
But born in separate worlds.
You clung so tightly
That this body still remembers
Your fingers around the wrist
That slowly slipped away
Into oblivion.

I feel that still, quiet
Moment of death
As I look down in to
The blue eyes of a soldier
That can suddenly see
And watch as memories
Flood through him
As his soul is liberated
From the broken body
On the shores of
A bloody pond
That time shall not forget.

And still Forever stalks
Down the corridors of Eternity
And we find ourselves again
Born to different realms
Yet still bound
Fragile flesh
Steel wings
And chains of Fate
That defy it all.

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