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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Toxic Dreamland

Join me my friends,
And I shall guide
Your hurried way
Through the
Twisted labyrinth
Of  joyous decay,
The beautiful,
The deadly,
Toxic Dreamland!

Watch your step
My sweets,
For surely
You must see the
Broken Vows
That litter the
Broken Streets!
Each day we
Sweep them all
But alas,
More always find
Their way!

Be careful, my loves,
To follow only
Where I step,
For the fingers of
Acheron are long
And bewitching
To weary travelers
And naive tourists.
Beware that she
Does not catch you
In her icy depths
Of Woe!

Now look ahead,
My dears,
And you may be
Blessed to spy
A sparkling land
Of silly hopes
And baseless,
Airy dreams!
But our tour skips
That place
Of sad and pathetic
Follow me!

Ah, my beauties,
Here we are,
In the Land of
Chains in Trees!
Some believe they
Are made of Fate...
Looks more like
Plain metal to me!
See how they sparkle
In the moonlight?
Some say it is golden.
Looks more like
Brown to me!

Watch out, my darlings,
For the sticky
Webs ahead!
You may think
They shimmer
But don't be fooled!
Once caught
In there,
You are nothing
But crunchy
Spider food!

And now, my lovelies,
Prepare yourselves,
For we enter
The realm
Of darkest despair,
That ceaseless land of
You Knew Better
That swallows up
The pretty dreams
Of all the daytime
Hear them wailing
At the rising of
The sun
As reality dawns
In their pitiful
World of shadows!

But alas, my dear
I must bid you
For in this land,
I reside,
A victim of the
Poisoned lullaby.
Imprisoned here
In my own hell
Of twisted colors
And warped desires,
I must remain.

But please,
Do tell your
Loved ones
Back at home
To drop by anytime
For a lovely
Nightmare tour
Of the wonders
And the horrors
Of scenic
Toxic Dreamland!

Monday, July 5, 2010

When Morning Comes

Can't you
Go away
And leave
Me be?
I do not
Wish yet
To wake
To this
Please let me
Remain in
Gossamer realms
Where my
Empty chest
Is happy
And free
To feed on
Fantasies and
False hope,
Where I can
Trick my mind
And believe
That he
Is mine,
Where his voice
Is all I hear
And his desire
In the wind
Like spun
Silver webs
That keep me
In his heart
I do not wish
To wake
And feel this
Ache as
Turn to reality
And his hand
Slips from
Leave me to
My delusions.
Let me believe
That he is
For just a
While longer.
Even now
His ethereal kiss
Fades from
My lips
And tears
Replace his
Gentle touch.
Be gone
And let me

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Forever in Gossamer

An empty night
As I lie here,
By fantasies
Of sunlight
And shadow,
Of dreams
Made real,
And providence
Your words linger,
Ebbing and rising
Until my mind
Is overflowing
With love
And longing
For what remains
Just out of reach.

Sleep bears down
And I succumb,
Meeting your
Radiant face
Behind veiled eyes.
Your smile
Enchants me,
Drawing me
In to Illusion
Until I'm lost
In this web
We've weaved
From hope
And wishes
Whispered to
The night.

Here we reign,
Alone, under
Shimmering chains
Of Fate
Harboring the
Realm we've built
Within this
Forbidden land.
Take my hand,
And lead me deeper,
Leave the fire
From your kiss
Upon my lips,
Beneath the
Waking sky,
Among the
Of our Forever.

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