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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Forever in Gossamer

An empty night
As I lie here,
By fantasies
Of sunlight
And shadow,
Of dreams
Made real,
And providence
Your words linger,
Ebbing and rising
Until my mind
Is overflowing
With love
And longing
For what remains
Just out of reach.

Sleep bears down
And I succumb,
Meeting your
Radiant face
Behind veiled eyes.
Your smile
Enchants me,
Drawing me
In to Illusion
Until I'm lost
In this web
We've weaved
From hope
And wishes
Whispered to
The night.

Here we reign,
Alone, under
Shimmering chains
Of Fate
Harboring the
Realm we've built
Within this
Forbidden land.
Take my hand,
And lead me deeper,
Leave the fire
From your kiss
Upon my lips,
Beneath the
Waking sky,
Among the
Of our Forever.

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