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Monday, July 5, 2010

When Morning Comes

Can't you
Go away
And leave
Me be?
I do not
Wish yet
To wake
To this
Please let me
Remain in
Gossamer realms
Where my
Empty chest
Is happy
And free
To feed on
Fantasies and
False hope,
Where I can
Trick my mind
And believe
That he
Is mine,
Where his voice
Is all I hear
And his desire
In the wind
Like spun
Silver webs
That keep me
In his heart
I do not wish
To wake
And feel this
Ache as
Turn to reality
And his hand
Slips from
Leave me to
My delusions.
Let me believe
That he is
For just a
While longer.
Even now
His ethereal kiss
Fades from
My lips
And tears
Replace his
Gentle touch.
Be gone
And let me

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