To Touch the Moon

Emerge from melancholy in to a moonlit night of bittersweet poetry and haunting tales of dreams and darkness.  Witness a spiritual journey spanning the depths of human emotion in twenty-four poems and three short stories.

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ISBN:  978-1105168130
Release Date:  June 6, 2012
Book Length:  116 pages

The Poems:

Under Heated Gaze
Empty Sky
For This Moment
Under Siege
Return to Silence
Broken Poetry
The Imprisoned Sun
Righteous Fury
Burning Sky
Forever in Gossamer
When Morning Comes
Spirit Walking
In the Aeonian Garden
Without Wings
Visions of a Dream
Ezekiel’s Song
Dreams of Completion

Toxic Dreamland

The Poem
The Story

Tales of Ivy & Sunlight

Gaia’s Lament
Creeping Ivy
The Bright Sun Rises
Chant of the Dying

Burning Sky

Succumb to me
My angel
Of brightest night.
I desire
To embrace you
Until we are
Fierce sunlight
And shimmering
Night shine–
Intertwined in
A chaotic sky.
Close your heart
To the poisoned rain,
The tormented clouds,
And the cold stars
That whisper
“You can’t.”
Hear only,
Feel only,
Our collective heartbeats
“But we will.”
This is right
And eternal.
We shall spend
In a perfect twilight,
Each consumed
By the other
Until all that remains
Are myths
Of a time
When there was once
Both sun
And moon.

Copyright © 2012 Laurie Martin-Gardner.
All rights reserved.
No part of this poem may be reproduced, by any means, without prior written consent of the author.