The Quest Begins...

Join Laurie as she seeks the
Divine Feminine hidden within
the pages of the Hebrew Bible.
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Available now

Order your copy of The Hidden Goddess and be among the first to read  this “timely, robust, and provocative” exploration of the goddesses hidden within the Jewish and Christian faiths.  From the Mother Goddess, Asherah, to the rise of Mary Magdalene, trace the path of the Divine Feminine as she evolves within the pages of the Hebrew Bible and other influential religious texts.  Discover the long denied truth, and begin your quest today!

Debuting February 1, 2020


Gentle Melancholy

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To Touch the Moon

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The Hidden Goddess

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Other Featured Work

Joining authors from around the world, chapters written by Laurie have been featured in three anthologies from Moon Books. Available for purchase now.

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